General Terms & Conditions


Accommodation costs are not included in the Roadshow fees and will be at the own expense of each exhibitor. Hotel “smart packages” with discounted prices are provided by the organizer available for each exhibitor. Any additional nights or room upgrades away from the “smart package” must be booked by the client himself.


Due to limited space at each event hotel and in the tour bus, promotional material & promotion tools shall be limited & considered as reasonable to the character of a rolling “Roadshow” exhibition.
a) Every registered company is entitled to promote the same registered company during the Roadshow events only. Promotion for third parties or non-registered daughter companies is not allowed.
b) The quantity of brought advertising material (company brochures, catalogues, business cards, etc.) shall be limited to a maximum of 150 new contacts.
c) With respect to other exhibitors and in order to reduce the amount of potential litter, exhibitors are not permitted to distribute any advertising materials outside their table boundaries. Any material placed around the event area (e.g. buffet tables) is not allowed and will be removed.
d) The use of TV’s, projectors & screens, larger than 30-inch diagonal, requires a written permission from the organizer. Charges are not included in the participation fee.
e) Any sound boosting amplifiers, other than included speakers in phones or presentation laptops, are not allowed during the event hours.
f) Every registered company is entitled to carry & set up a maximum of 2 Roll-up banner (90 x 200 cm) or 1 large Roll-up banner (200 x 200 cm) behind the exhibition table, within the exhibitors’ boundaries.

Cancellation / Liability Policy

The organizer has the right to move or postpone booked/confirmed exhibitor registrations for any internal or unpredictable circumstances (including natural calamities or the outbreak of a pandemic disease), in the interest of safety and for the success of the Road­show event, to another date or venue – in full or by individual city – without any compensation or refund.

In case of full cancellation of the event by the organizer, the exhibitor can claim back the full amount paid to the organizer. In case of a partial cancellation of one city event only, the exhibitor can claim back the partial amount paid only.

The organizer is not taking responsibility or claims for any external costs of the exhibitor, beside the actual Roadshow package booked and paid to the organizer.   

A cancellation of already booked and confirmed participation by exhibitors is in general possible. Depending on the date of cancellation, a cer­tain amount will be retained for late cancellation and administra­tion.

Cancellation claims:

Up to 100 days before the Roadshow date > 90% of paid amount will be reimbursed to client.

99-71 days before event date > 75% of the paid amount will be reimbursed.

70-51 days before event date > 50% of the paid amount will be reimbursed.

50-30 days before event date > 25% of the paid amount will be reimbursed.

29-0 days before event date > no reimbursement to client possible anymore.


The organizer will provide a clean event area. Each exhibitor is re¬quested to produce minimum trash, dispose it in available trash cans and keep their own table clean at all times.

Disputes & Disagreements

In any case of disagreement, the terms and decision of the orga¬nizer KILIFAIR Promotion Co. Ltd. is final and must to be followed. The organizer gives the right of admission and can disqualify an exhibitor from further participation of the event, if rules are not followed.

Distribution of Advertising Material

With respect to other exhibitors and in order to reduce the amount of potential litter, exhibitors are not permitted to distribute any advertising materials outside their table boundaries. Any material placed around the event area will be removed. Non-registered companies are strictly not allowed to bring or distribute any promo­tional material inside the event area.

Food & Beverages

All events include a finger food buffet with snacks for dinner as well as non-alcoholic drinks and coffee during the actual event. Lunch and not regular offered alcoholic drinks have to be paid by the exhibitor.


The following services are included in the published & charged participation fee for each registered company:
– 1 exhibition table for each registered company @ each event city
– 1 person per each table, promoting for the same company
– 1 advertising page in the A5 booklet
– Luxury bus transport from 1st event hotel up to last event hotel
(excluding airport & shuttle services). Maximum baggage per
each person for the bus is 2 large bags (max 23kg each) + 2 banner
rolls + 1 handbag (10kg). Additional baggage will be charged extra !
– Snack Buffet during all events
– Pre-arranged & guided sightseeing tours (optional booking & costs)


To guarantee your participation, a 50% deposit is required within 7 days after registration. The remaining 50% must be paid 4 weeks before the event. All invoices and participation related fees must be paid to the organizer in full, before the entry to any event is granted.

Registration Fee

A 10% non-refundable registration fee is included in the 50% deposit paid.

Seminars & Workshops

If timing & event conditions allow, KILIFAIR “My Tanzania” Roadshow will organize a “free of charge” tourism related workshop or panel discussion for the additional benefit of exhibitors. The topic will be announced prior the event start.

Set up & Turn down

Set up & table allocation time for all exhibitors is depending on each venue and arrival time. It mostly starts from 13:00
(arrival time) onwards. Times will be announced on each event day. 

There is strictly no exception for later set up than 15:00. Full removal of goods from the tables before 21:30 shall be avoided in the interest of other exhibitors and invited buyers/travel agents.

Shared Table

There is a possibility of table sharing with another company for the price of 2,500 USD each, under certain conditions. Shared tables are limited to 1 person of each company only.

Stand Conditions & Etiquette

    • Each event will take place in a professional conference room/rooms in the published event hotels.
    • Every exhibitor will be provided with 1 table with electricity for your laptop, 3 chairs and space for maximum of 2 Roll up banner (90 x 200 cm) or 1 large Roll up banner (200 x 200 cm) behind the exhibition table, within the exhibitors’ boundaries.
    • As the tables are provided by the hotels, they may vary in size.
    • The exhibitor’s company name will be shown on a display sign on your table.
    • All exhibitors are requested to maintain a proper, professional and friendly presentation of their table and products at all time.
    • Any dangerous, hazardous or easy inflammable items are not allowed at exhibition tables. The organizer does not take res¬pon¬sibility for accidents or fire caused by exhibitors.
    • The consumption of alcoholic drinks on the table is prohibited.
    • Audio/video presentation should be on a reasonable sound level to avoid any conflict with table neighbours or visitors.


WIFI is brought to you by the hotels and is usually available for FREE throughout the entire hotel. Limited WIFI accessibility is also available in the team bus.