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About "My Tanzania" Roadshows

„My Tanzania“ Roadshows are „tailor-made“ and fully dedicated Roadshows, organized by KILIFAIR Promotion Co. Ltd. / Tanzania. Different from others, we are strictly promoting destination TANZANIA / ZANZIBAR only and can therefore present a portfolio of products – from budget to luxury & from bush to beach. Our Roadshows are connecting a maximum of 30 exhibitors (Hotels, Lodges, Airlines, Tour Operators and DMC’s) to 30-50 selected buyers (Africa Specialists, Tour Operators and Travel Agents) at each event city. Get on board now and enrich your marketing mix with “My Tanzania” Roadshows to boost your business.

Meet Our core Team

Tom Kunkler

Managing Director

Dominic shoo

Managing Director

Christiane heckenbach

Marketing (East Africa)

BÉryl Corman

Marketing (Europe)

Vito Sakaya

Sales (East Africa)

Godwin Njau

Graphics Design & Media

what Exhibitors say

“It was a great idea to provide a booklet with all the contact details. Buyers could take notes on our Exhibitor page and have our company profile for future communication.”


Dolphin Tours & Safaris Ltd

“Very fair and good quality of Buyers. This is what Tanzania needs in many other countries as well.”


Africa Amini Life Ltd
I really liked the bus arrangement and the team spirit!


Serengeti Balloon Safaris
The format of the Roadshow is perfect. The focus of the buyers is on Tanzania only. Also, the service is given to us and the buyers were very convenient (including the snacks and food) which also generates a good vibe stimulating the talks. It’s all so much more relaxed than an ordinary trade fair where exhibitors fight among each other for the attention of the buyers. Traveling 24/7 hours together also creates a good bond between the exhibitors.


Kili Villa
Clearly, we have met a lot more, new people, compared to regular fairs. We are yet to see ROI.


Sunshine Retreat
The schedule with the presentations, talks, the raffle, and the come-together dinner was perfect. I would definitely like to attend more Roadshows like this.


Africa Safari Experts
The show was very successful from my side and I suggest more events like this in the future. The price was reasonable with high performance.


Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA)
It was my first marketing trip. I learned a lot and made some good contacts. I hope to have great confident for the future shows.


African Scenic Safaris
The Roadshow was very good and more objective compare to ordinary fairs. Fantastic!


East Africa Camps
It was great, I had an issue with the image used for our property and was so happy to see it was corrected when I arrived in Frankfurt. Great Team, thanks!


Villa Serenity

Cooperation Partners